How to break CPS TEST Records?

Résumé Click Counter is a free online video game that counts many clicks per second. The click speed test involves measuring your click speed with your mouse during the time offered, which will give you results in a "click counter."
Billet The record is reported to be broken. To create new documents and break down old ones, you only need a consistent method, some tips, a commitment, and tricks.
The most effective and hassle-free technique is to damage CPS documents using several clicking strategies such as Jitter Hitting, Butterfly Clicking, Kohi Click Test, Drag Clicking, and clicker counter test. These clicking strategies allow users to create faster clock speeds and better scores. In addition, I prefer to use a gaming mouse instead of a standard laptop computer mouse. You will notice an increase in your CPS score after using the gaming mouse. These tips come in handy when you need to exercise and break them and set new CPS records.